Document virtualization allows you and your team to quickly find any file or document when the need arises. It all takes place through a system or app which your team will have access to in order to request an electronic copy of the required document.

With the Gigabox system, your company will enter a new era of document management.

It all starts with the assessment of the >internal processes and ensuing integration and scanning.

The documents are checked, indexed, and organized in Gigabox’s own cloud, with high security and technology, enabling you to find any document, from anywhere in your company, in seconds.

And, whenever necessary, through a proprietary system, it is possible to request the physical copy that is stored at the Gigabox’s premises.

With the use of digital versions of documents, your company streamlines:

Precious space will no longer be taken up to store paper, which, quite often, will spend years without being used or handled.

Employees dedicated to handling, storing, and finding documents will no longer have to be kept. Your company can allocate these resources where they are really needed.

Your company will never again run the risk of losing labor proceedings for lack of documentation. With the Gigabox system, it will all be indexed and can be requested with a few mouse clicks.

With the integration of Gigabox with other management systems, your company will eliminate many steps of rework..

The number of printed documents drops off dramatically with the use of the Gigabox system. Your company will only print what is really needed, saving paper and toner. In addition, your company becomes much more responsible towards environmental resources.

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