Gigabox is a company specializing in the management and storage of documents, both physical and digital.

With high technology and a proprietary system, it offers fast and practical solutions for the most diverse segments.

The Gigabox development team is able to customize solutions according to customer’s needs, integrating document management and virtualization with your company’s management system, avoiding rework and unnecessary use of resources in bureaucratic processes.

Gigabox structure is fully designed to provide storage space and physical and technological security for your company’s documents.
With fire-fighting systems, monitoring, alarm and devoid of electrical installations at the storage location, Gigabox storage is thought from beginning to end for the storage of your documents.

Our exclusive boxes have been designed to store documents with the maximum resistance to the weather, moisture, and handling.
They receive no visible identification in relation to the customer or the type of document, receiving only a QR Code, and the tracking is all done through a proprietary computerized system.


Gigabox’s mission is to offer customized actions to its customers, ensuring high standards of excellence with a proprietary system based on three fundamental pillars: security, technology, and information, which ensure the success of the offered processes.


To always innovate to provide services for the most diverse segments in a qualified, modern, and agile fashion.


Gigabox’s unique system aims at eliminating unnecessary copies and printouts, thus contributing towards the preservation of the environment.


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